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Welcome to my personal site. Most of it was to be dedicated to genealogy research but my other interests may also get some space in time.

At the moment this is just a holding page. I will organize and publish the results of subsequent research into my Gimber line here in the UK, but for now, I am still collecting information.

I live in West London but from what I've found out so far most of my gimber family roots are from the county of Kent. The earliest validated ancestor I have discovered was William GIMBER b: 1832 Adisham, Kent (a farm Bailiff and resident of Seaton who retired in 1912). Married Sara Ann MARTIN b: ~1836. Debling, Kent. Children: Stanley William b:29 Dec 1879, Jane b:1 Sept 1859, Minnie b:8 Oct 1865, Mary b:c1864, George William b:1861. There may be 8 children in total.

On my mothers side the Lister family tree has been well researched by my cousin in Australia.

I hope the facts I discover over time will be of interest and value to others. With so many people researching their family history there are going to be connections that link their tree to others. With this in mind I welcome any communications from others that consider their family tree may have a connection with mine. Contact george at

Unfortunatley progress researching my family history has been shelved (too many competing activities) until I can devote more time to it.

26th May 2007.

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