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This film features people who make first class Meccano models. Hear them explain the intricacies of their designs and see the models in action. Explore the St. Albans, Centenary Exhibition and discover where to buy a Kilo of Meccano for £5. It's amazing what you and a spanner can do.

Special thanks go to the following for their help in making this video:

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Roger Poulet
Peter Goddard
Julian Head
John MacDonald
Denis Backler
Colin Davies
John Cowdery
Willy DeWulf
Howard Somerville
Paul Joachim
Roland Jaggard
Dave Taylor
Jim MacCulloch
Bob Ford
Geoff Wright
West London Meccano Society.

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
Suitable for viewing by all ages.

Available in 625 PAL and 525 NTSC versions.
Aspect ratio 4:3
VHS Hi-Fi Stereo.

Available for sale
£12 including P&P to UK residents.

£13.50 including P&P overseas.

The ideal birthday gift.

To order, send payment to:
Philip Dean, 17 Wyke Close, Osterley, Middlesex, TW7 5PE. United Kingdom.
Please include
your name and address, then allow 28 days for delivery.
I accept email payment using

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