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This is the second Meccano movie from Phils Films. In it we see Britain's best Meccano models as displayed at Skegex 2003, hear their creators explain the key elements of their design and see the models in action. Amazing model cranes, trains, planes and mechanical masterpieces are featured, capturing the magic of Meccano.

Special thanks to the following for their help in making this video:

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Preview a clip from Skegness Meccano Magic and see some of the models on show at the exhibition.

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Guy Kind
Ken Senar
Dennis Caiger
David Fellows
Stephen Way
John Ozyer-Key
John MacDonald
Bert Churchill
Jan Schroef
Alan Coyel
Joe Etheridge
Tony Clapperton
Bob Brooker
Geoff Wilson
Brian Fishpool
Nick Rodgers
John Molden
Jim Gamble
Mike Cotterill
Geoff Brown
Tony James
Tony Homden
John Bader
Dennis Backler
Alan Smith
Tony Parmee
Howard Somerville
John Turnbull
Pete Pyefinch
Ivor Ellard
Jim MacCulloch
Mike Dennis
Roger West
John Nuttall
Les Nightingale
Adrian Williams

Approximate running time: 45 minutes
Suitable for viewing by all ages.

Available in 625 PAL and 525 NTSC versions.
Aspect ratio 4:3
VHS Hi-Fi Stereo.

Available for sale
£12 including P&P to UK residents.

£13.50 including P&P overseas.

The ideal gift.

To order, send payment to:
Philip Dean, 17 Wyke Close, Osterley, Middlesex, TW7 5PE. United Kingdom.
Please include
your name and address, then allow 28 days for delivery.
I accept email payment using

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