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Phil Andrews
John Spencer
Phil Andrews in studio 2.

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Wonderful Radio Guys

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Radio Guys was the hospital radio station for Guys Hospital, London. It began as a tape recording club in the 1970s. Volunteers relayed programmes to the patient's bedside headsets. Pre-recorded programmes were replaced by live transmissions when suitable facilities became available.

A move to Hunt's House provided space for two studios, which lead to the transmission of two simultaneous networks. GST and GST GOLD enjoyed an increase in audience when additional landlines carried the programmes to patients at St. Thomas's Hospital.

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Radio Guys is here for you

Radio Guys is here...

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Towards the end of the 1990s Hunt's House was demolished as part of a redevelopment scheme. New premises for the radio station were not provided and consequently it gradually faded into history.

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Colum Ryan


Colum Ryan had us in stitches with his witty stories. He was an outstanding presenter and easily handled the challenge of live unscripted broadcasts. Amongst his triumphs was the Radio Guys Bingo Show. This was running long before the National Lottery and attracted a huge audience.


The Best Medicine in Town

The Best Medicine in Town

Control room

Mike & Alan

Listen to Mike Smith & Alan Pleasants

Mike Smith was one of the founder members. He managed the station from its early tape recording club beginning, through to the double network, two studio finale.

Alan also spent many years on the organising committee. Besides his own radio show, he took a leading role behind the scenes.

Studio 2 became the home of GST Gold. The classic sound of hospital radio crooned it's way around the wards from this studio throughout the 1990s.

Listen to John Pennell

John Pennell

Niall Wallis

Latin American music enthusiast. He brought the sunshine onto the airwaves with a carnival atmosphere every night. He is now even closer to the sunshine, as he lives with his family in the Canary Islands.


Sian remembers when Radio Guys broadcast from the first studio in St. Thomas' Street. She also broadcast from the double studios in Hunt's House.


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The 1980s

The 1980s

Hospital radio in the UK provided a useful service to patients. Regular ward visits, to collect record requests, ensured every patient had a visitor. It promoted health and safety matters, local news items and entertained patients during their stay. The volunteers also benefited. Many found the training useful to their careers and some became professional broadcasters.

Jan presented a long running show called "Talktime" with Richard Young. The programme featured news cuttings of the day with occasional music inspired by the news. We all had great fun suggesting suitable records for inclusion.


Jan Date

Jan Date

Programme plan

Listen to Ross

Listen to Ross Patterson


GST Gold jingle
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Paul Norford & John Wallace Jingles
Phil Andrews
Peter Salter
Ron McGeary

John Wallace &
Chris Cosgrove


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Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett


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"The History of Radio Guys" features voices from the past recalling the broadcasting landmarks of the station. The programme runs for an hour and can be downloaded in sections for transferring to your mp3 player or computer.



St. Thomas' Hospital had its own radio station. When that closed, the hospital rebroadcast programmes originating from Radio Guys.

Radio Guys has now closed.
Guys Hospital does not have a radio station.

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See what we are doing now by visiting Mike Smith's GST reunion website here.

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