Memories of the 2001 reunion

Our 2001 reunion commemorated quarter of a century in the big wide world. I would like to thank those who travelled long distances to attend the reunion. It was good to see everyone looking so well.

Tony, Chris & Paul

Jeff, Ian, Tony, Tim & Colin
Kay, Heidi & Gill
Liz & Erica
Colin, Mike & Zane
Dave, Colin, Simon, Tim & Phil
Jeff, Sandra, Martin & Anya

Let me see - view newspaper cutting

Martin and Heidi both brought some classic old photos to the reunion. Heidi even had tutor group photos from the second year! One of my favourite reunion memories is the showing of home movie footage taken during a sixth form disco. Chris and Anya kindly brought along a projector for the evening and the results were definitely worth the effort. It was also good to see Andy Ford and Rob Vernon, you may remember they are cousins.

I hardly recognised Simon Wheeler without his Bay City Rollers tartan outfit. He discovered this website on Christmas Day. Fortunately he saw the invitation and managed to attend.

The Filton BCRollers
Simon in BCR costume

It brought a lump to my throat when Simon revealed that the photos on this web site represent some of the only remaining images of his youth. It's a long story, but Simon's childhood photographs no longer exist. You can imagine how he felt to discover the Bay City Roller's photo. It stars Simon on stage with his mates having a great time. This must have been a very emotional Christmas moment. Happy memories!

If you didn't manage to attend this reunion, here are some of the people you could have been chatting to - with apologies to anyone I have missed out.

Heidi Byrne (Knight), Tim Cam, Martin Castree, Kay Cottrell (Ridsdale), Paul Ellison, Colin Fitzgerald, Andrew Ford, Erica Geldart (Thompson), David Hearsey, Mike Houghton, Liz Lewis (Bidgood), Jeff Lines, Zane Llewellyn, Gill MacKellar-Still, Annette Millard (Griffiths), Tim Phillips, Pete Smith, Chris & Anya Stock, Rob Vernon, Sandra Hewer (Warton), Tony West, Ian & Mike Wheeler, Steve Purnell, Colin Hawkins, Simon Wheeler, Shelley Mansfield & Janice Reed. Oh yes, and me.